We are a food distribution platform based on
B2B technology.


The solution

M-Bilanga is an agricultural products distribution module, founded with the aim of improving farmers' incomes, while allowing agricultural traders to acquire their products at a lower cost, in a short time. M-Bilanga has set up a mobile fruit and vegetable ordering platform offering several online points of sale. To obtain the products, the latter works in synergy with the networks of farmers. It provides them with assistance in the storage and transport of agricultural products, thus minimizing losses and damages related to the post-harvest phase.


Reduce the purchase cost

It also reduces the cost of purchasing the products. M-Bilanga also takes care of the delivery of products to traders, thanks to its motorcycle tricycles, M-Bilanga could ultimately revolutionize the agricultural supply chain in D.R.CONGO which suffers from high production and transport costs, which constitute an obstacle to exports.

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